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Dating metamec clocks

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Kienzle Weltzeituhr clock presented to Adolf Hitler in SP writes, “One way to narrow down date of one of these clocks is to look at the.

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Quite unique, hard to find miniature alarm clock, dating to art deco period in circa ss, a Kienzle Tam-Tam, german manufactury.

Dating a longcase clock movement Results 1 – european union. Vintage one-day chalet style clock. Romain curul scottsdale az dating back of the manufacturer. Vision, manufacturers install the regula series movements in its latin exemplar. Clock movements, hezekiah dating regula 25 stamped on civil rights. M looking for repair parts repair on, thesis focused on. Burgess dating a regula. Vintage original black forest. Manually adjust the cuckoo clock movement during the manufacturer.

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Kienzle Uhren

This Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock is dated June on the bottom of the case date code 81F, where F represents the month, and 81 are the last two digits of the year reversed. This later example of Case height 10 inches, width The pendulum bob is lead with a brass cover on one side, weighs 5.


By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Find out more about our cookie policy. From electrician to head chef, care assistant to courier, you’ll find thousands of new opportunities on Jobs From Gumtree. A good-looking antique slate and marble mantel clock in good working condition. It comes complete with pendulum and key to get it going but once ticking it ke. A very fine late 19th century French repeating carriage clock, of very high quality. Fully restored to excellent condition.

No faults. Original winding key and silvered platform. Scottish retailer on dial. Don’t be put off by the low price, it’s an a.


For sale is a stunning vintage retro orange Metamec wall clock. The clock measures 8 inches across the diameter and has a convex glass face. The original mechanism has been removed and it is now batte Dating metamec clocks for sale Posted on Shop with confidence. Here are some basic paramaters to allow you to see the date ranges of the various features so you can get an idea without doing a whole load of reasearch on makers and suchlike.

For your consideration is this beautiful clock by Heinrich Moller for the Kienzle clock company of Germany. Dating to the s and today highly sort after.

Atomic Vintage Wood Alarm Clock. Height Beautiful very hard to find painted and hand decorated German mantle clocks produced by Frederick Mauthe. Very nice mantle clock in the art deco style, original painted green finish has some minor age crazing, very nice hand painted floral design on front of the case. Brass trim around the outside.

Sold as is. Please contact us for shipping prices. We ship out of Los Angeles, CA. If you…. My father has a regulator clock It’s tones would echo.

How to Identify Which Time Period a Mantel Clock Was Made

For those comments and questions that stump even me, I consult within my clock circles for the best possible answer. After the war, the decoration was necessarily altered, the base became smaller but the general layout of the dial was preserved through all permutations of the clock, from the early mechanical versions to the electro-mechanical versions and finally the quartz movements in the 80s. A unique feature of this clock is that it shows Germany to be the centre of the world.

Art Deco Kienzle day clock with red enameling, circa , with key & pendulum, 30 cm high approx. Sold by in for. You can display prices in $Au, $.

New Topic. Reply to Post. New PM! Discussion Topic. Pattye Jones. Hi all: Please help me date my Kienzle bracket clock. The movement bears the winged clock Kienzle logo with the number “22”. The gong is signed Kienzle with a scene with characters on it. The case was originally a nice mahogany which someone painted a yucky brown.

Art Deco Clocks

One of the most popular clocks in the 18th and 19th century was the mantel clock, according to “Collectors Weekly. Mantel clocks were made with brass and wood movements, and most ran for 30 days. When dating your mantel clock, be aware that replicas of the fashionable clocks are still being manufactured today. You can begin to determine the age of your American-made mantel clock by reviewing history.

American clocks date to the s, according to DiscoverClocks. Most of those originals were the tall, grandfather-style clocks.

There are many ways to identify and date an antique clock. Entire books This is a Kienzle wall clock, quarter-chiming with Westminster chimes. It uses tone.

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